4AEX Aluminum Trench Box

4AEX Aluminum Trench Box Shoring Systems

This GME Aluminum Extruded Trench Box is a rugged, 4" wall shield that comes standard with a tough, T-6 knife edge and rugged top cap. Massive, extruded end members insure strength. Because it's aluminum, 4AEX can be handled by today's lighter excavators, allowing you to match your equipment to the proper machine.


  • Rugged collar adapters for 5" pipe spreaders
  • Lifting eyes
  • Standard lengths to 16 feet
  • Certified by a registered professional engineer to meet OSHA standards
  • Stacking pockets

Click here to view 4AEX metric chart
4AEX Trench Shoring Chart
Click here to view the metric 4AEX adjustable spreader sets chart
4AEX Spreader Chart

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