Steel Wrapped Aluminum Trench Shields

The idea behind the Steel Wrapped Aluminum Trench Box is to have a lightweight aluminum trench box that will be able to be used by smaller machines (like other aluminum and light duty steel trench shields) while providing a rugged frame that is able to take the wear and tear of constant use (like steel wall trench boxes).


  • 4” and 6” thick sidewalls
  • Steel thru-wall collars
  • Multiple panel lengths
  • Use of 5” Sch. 80 and 8” Sch. 80 spreaders
  • Heavy-duty d-rings (4” thick)
  • Recessed lifting lugs (6” thick )

steel wrapped Aluminum Trench shieldsOptions:

  • Foam Filling
  • Pull Eyes
  • Knife Edge
  • Stacking Pockets
  • Push Pads

Combining the best of steel trench boxes and aluminum trench shields, the Steel Wrapped Aluminum Trench Shield enables smaller machines (rubber tired backhoes, small excavators) to be used by contractors, municipalities, utility companies, and anyone operating smaller machines yet requiring a strong, durable trench box.

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