3-Inch Dual Action Manhole Brace

3" Dual Action Manhole Shore

3" Dual Action Manhole Brace

The 3” Manhole Brace is a hydraulic bracing system designed to bridge the gap between our 2” Manhole Brace and the MD Brace System.

Specifically designed to be used with a power pump, the dual action design of the system enables controlled expansion and retraction of all cylinders in use.

Designed and engineered to work in 2- and 4-sided applications, the 3” Dual Action Manhole Shore is able to incorporate a variety of sheeting materials, including the GME Steel Overlap Sheeting, making the system ideal for vaults, C.I.P. projects, pump stations and many more projects.

When used as a four sided system, each leg can be expanded or retracted, enabling irregular shaped excavations to be safely and securely shored.

Using the system in two-sided application, the 3” Dual Action Manhole Shores can be attached to walers, enabling the system to achieve large, uninterrupted spans. Ideal for vault and pump station use.


  • 3’ Stroke
  • 3” Steel, dual action hydraulic cylinders
  • Pin on extensions
  • 2-ways brackets for two-sided systems
  • Corners for four-sided applications
  • Certified by a Registered Professional Engineer to meet or exceeded OSHA standards
  • Made in the U.S.A.Click here to request more information.