Modular Aluminum Systems

Mobile Aluminum Trench Boxes

GME Shields has designed our Modular Aluminum Systems to be lightweight and easily used by smaller machines such as mini-excavators and rubber tired backhoes, as well as crews. The GME modular aluminum trench box systems offer a full range of trench box products that meet the demands of wide variety of job site requirements.

Our modular aluminum trench box systems meet all OSHA requirements.

The Build-A-Box™ Modular Aluminum Trench Shield System can be assembled in minutes to a wide variety of two, three, or four-sided configurations. This flexibility enables work crews to make on-the-spot design changes to meet job requirements in conditions ranging from light to extreme. Most systems are easily transported in a pick-up truck or trailer for quick application.
The GME Lite-Shield provides municipalities, plumbers, mechanical contractors, telephone, gas, and electric utility companies with a unique, yet versatile aluminum trench box system.
The ORIGINAL Lite-Shield™ is the 20 inch system. These 20" high panels are lighter in weight and easy to handle.