Hybrid Clearspan System

Hybrid Clearspan System - GME Trench Shielding & Trench ShoringThe combination of the Sheeting and Bracing and Slide Rail system provides users the best of both worlds. The adjust-ability of the Bracing System with the non-vibratory installation and removal of the GME\E+S Slide Rail system.

The Hybrid Clearspan system, with its internal and external supports eliminates the need for sacrificial beams and strut carts and enables multiple bay by multiple bay clearspan systems. With its engineered design, the Hybrid Clearspan system saves time and money on the installation of the strut carts and the purchasing of the sacrificial beam which would normally be buried and lost at the bottom of the system.

The Hybrid Clearpan system uses the same rings as the Sheeting and Bracing system, which, in instances where ground pressure makes removal of the system challenging, the Hybrid system is able to ease the removal of the system.