Safety Products & Site Support

Understanding that there is more to an underground jobsite than trench shields and trench shoring products, GME offers a whole line of site & safety products. These products are used in conjunction with our main product lines.

GME Exit Grids are designed to shake loose debris that's lodged in your trucks' tires before your trucks leave the jobsite. Simply place the Exit Grid on the haul road just before your vehicles enter the paved streets. When vehicles drive over the Exit Grid, the tires will be shaken and flexed, to dislodge rocks, dirt and other debris from the treads.
The Port-A-Bridge™ by GME® is a modular bridge system designed for rapid delivery and installation at the jobsite. The Port-A-Bridge™ is available in 10' increments, from 20' to 50' long. Each section is 6' wide. Two units join together to form a 12' wide single lane structure that allows vehicles, equipment, or foot traffic to proceed over or around the construction site or impassable area.
Fold-able and compact, the Ladder Platform offered from GME is able to be used on sheet pile, slide rail and trench shield projects.
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