GME Sheeting & Bracing

sheeting & bracingThe MD Brace system is engineered to be used with a variety of excavation support systems (sheet pile, beam and plate) on a wide range of project including: linear applications, bridge footing, soil remediation, tank installations and a myriad of other large projects.

sheeting & bracing

Using just the system’s hydraulic rams and extensions, excavations are able to range from 9’9” (2.9m) to 75’5” (23m) in length and width. In many cases, due to jobsite conditions, the clearspan capabilities of the system are limited and require a center or corner strut. With the inclusion of our hydraulic struts (available in multiple capacities), the maximum width of the excavation will be determined by an engineer while the length of the excavation is limitless.

The optimal working depth of the MB Brace system is 12’ (3.6m) to 30’ (9.1m). The overall capacity of the system can achieve depths greater than 30’ (9.1m)!

The GME Sheeting & Bracing Strut

sheeting & bracing

With the addition of the Strut system, the GME Sheeting & Bracing system will allow users to excavate and shore system in excess of 60’ long!

The System:

Sheeting & Bracing

The MD Brace Hydraulic Ram
A 6” aluminum dual-acting cylinder encased in steel box tubing, the ram provides an operating range of 9’8” (2.9m) to 13’ (3.9m). The adjustability of the MD Brace enables a variety of excavation shapes to be safely shored.

The MD Brace Extension
Paired with the MD Brace Hydraulic Ram, the extension is a static component that allows for an array of lengths. Available lengths include:

  • 3’3” (1m)
  • 4’11” (1.5m)
  • 9’10” (3m)
  • 16’4” (5m)
  • 22’11” (7m)
  • 32’9” (10m)

The Hydraulic Strut
The Hydraulic Strut (available in multiple capacities), allows the complete system to achieve larger standard and custom sized projects.

The Strut Extension
Designed to be used in conjunction with the Hydraulic Strut, the Strut Extension provides extra length, when needed.

Hanging & Intermediate Chains
The Hanging Chains act as a fail-safe if the system where to lose pressure and the Intermediate Chain are used for projects requiring multiple levels of rams.

Hydraulic Pump
A gas powered, double-acting pump capable of producing 2,500 psi in both directions. The Hydraulic Pump includes 30’ long hoses with quick disconnect sockets.

The GME Guard Rail System
Serving as an extra precautionary measure, providing temporary railing around excavations and trenches.

Excavation Support System
The MD Brace is designed to use variety of approved shoring components (sheet pile, beam and plate), increasing the overall usability.

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