Walkway Bridge

Walkway Bridge - Trench Shield Safety EquipmentProvides Safe Access To Your Trench Shields

For over three decades, GME has engineered and manufactured trench shoring solutions to improve worker safety in the trenches and help boost productivity. Now we've taken safety a few steps further. The new, patented GME Walkway Bridge brings added safety to the jobsite by giving workers an easier way to enter and exit the trench.

walkway bridgeThe Walkway Bridge can be pre-assembled and trucked to the site on a flatbed, or assembled right at the jobsite.

walkway bridge

When installed, the bridge adjusts to the slope of the spoil piles surrounding the trench. Workers simply climb a ladder to the walkway platform, and can enter and exit without having to walk onto the spoil pile itself.

The GME Walkway Bridge adds an extra measure of safety to your jobsite by giving workers a clear point of entry to the trench.

walkway bridge

For complete technical specifications and purchase or rental information, contact GME or your local GME Distributor.

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