4M Series Trench Shield

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4M Series Trench Shields | GME Trench Shoring Equipment

The 4M Series narrow - wall trench box from GME can help your turn a few extra inches into lots of profitable yards. That's because the 4M Series has 4 - inch thick sidewalls, rather than the 8 - inch thick walls of our 8M Series. Those narrower walls translate into eight fewer inches of width you need when excavating your trenches, and that can quickly add up to lots of cubic yards of extra soil you will not have to excavate. Result? Faster excavation time, with reduced labor time and minimum amount of machine cycles, to help keep you in the black.

Of course even with narrower sidewalls, the 4M Series has been designed to give you rugged performance in the trenches, for excellent handling of shallow-cut jobs and maximum worker safety in the trench.

  • Trapped thru wall collar assemblies
  • Full length hardwood inserts in top horizontal tube and front vertical tube
  • All certified by a registered Professional Engineer to meet OSHA standards
  • Only fully gusseted steel knife edge
  • Honey-comb inner structure
  • High tensile steel throughout
  • Adjustable collars optional
  • 4-Point lifting system
  • 4-Pipe system utilized 8" Sch. 80 spreader pipe
  • Customizable
  • Stackable
4M Series Trench System | GME Trench Shields
4M Series Trench System Chart | GME Shields

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