Manhole Trench Shields

GME's Manhole Trench Shields are designed to allow a pipe job to progress along with little interruption or delay. The idea behind these trench boxes is to use them in conjunction with trench shields on a job-site. When the job lead to a manhole structure, insert the Manhole Trench Box and continue on with the pipe work on the other side.

The GME Shields are available as a; Square Manhole, Round Manhole (providing complete protection on all sides), Octagon Manhole and a 4-Sided Manhole Shield (WTB Series). All trench shields are designed by GME to be used with in the 40,000 to 60,000 lb range.

GME Octagon Shields are ideal for utility contractors who are engaged in routine water main or gas line repairs and maintenance work.
The square manhole trench shield configuration provides the needed inside clear span while reducing the amount of excavation and restoration required. GME manhole trench shields ship knocked down and assemble in minutes at the job site.
The Round Manhole trench box is specially designed for personal protection during manhole installations and repair work. High strength steel walls, welded securely to rigid steel top and bottom framing. Optional replaceable cut - outs allow for clearance of utility lines. RMH trench Shields are light enough for handling with rubber - tired backhoes, yet provide maximum protection for workers in the hole.
A complete 4-sided trench shield available in a 3” single sidewall trench shield. Built to provide complete protection on all sides, the WTB Series from GME has optional cutouts and replaceable doors to allow for incoming and outgoing service lines