Hydraulic Shield Assembly Instructions

  1. Place sidewall with manifold on the ground with manifold side up.
  2. Position hydraulic struts in sidewalls walers, attach quick connect pins to hold in place.
  3. Attach hose quick connects to each hydraulic strut. (May have to pull on hose to stretch into position.)
  4. With machine assistance, life top sidewall into position with walers facing down and attach quick connect pins.
  5. Attach 4-way lifting sling to eye bolts on top walers. Slowly life with machine to bring shield to upright position. (Caution: Stand back to a safe distance)
  6. If using end panel kits: re-assemble brackets and tubes, remove quick connect pins from struts, position brackets over walers and re-attach quick connect pins. Note: bottom tube on bottom bracket may be placed in the inside hole to stop end sheeting from sliding through and allow for pipe clearance.