Lite Shield Repair

Lite Shield Repair Specification:

This specification applies to the GME Lite Shield System

  • All welding shall be performed according to theĀ Aluminum Association's Specifications for Aluminum Structures.
  • A certified welder shall perform all welding.
  • 3/64 Diameter 5356 welding wire shall be used to complete the welds.
  • The End Bracket replacement part shall be manufactured by GME.
  1. Grind existing weld off using grinding disc made for aluminum Materials
  2. Clean panel with sanding disk two inches past the old weld on both sides of the panel.
  3. Place new End Bracket on panel. Use pipe clamp to hold components in place. Check for squareness and tack weld as shown. This is the most critical phase of the repair. If squareness cannot be achieved, panel will have to be cut down to the next smaller size.
  4. Weld End Bracket to panel on exterior side first and then on the interior side using a continuous 3/16 inch fillet weld.

Lite Shield Repair

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